Saturday, 25 November 2017

If it's Eco ... Prove it !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, freshly back from our wonderful Eco project in York last week, though I'd show you what we've been up to. 

Main kitchen is now installed, just waiting for our first set of the Eco Cosentino 75% recycled quartz worktops to be fabricated and we'll be going back next week to fit them and connect the sink etc.

Really looking forward to this as they're in "Riverbed" one of my favourite colours from this range. So, again, this will be a 2 parter with the finished pics next weekend. 

This project is from our Eco Organic range where the cabinets as our standard Eco2 18mm rigid construction with Medite Ecologique doors finished with Ecos "Feng Shui" organic paint from the wonderful company that is Lakeland Paints, check them out with a quick Google, their paint is marvellous and the best we've found for painted kitchens. 

Whether hand painting with a foam roller or spray finishing, the results are superb. AND with all our kitchens using this paint, you get the remainder of the original paint for any repainting you may need to do in the future.

The cooker hood is supposed to have a stainless steel stack coming out of the top but due to restrictions of height, we couldn't get it in, so we created a box panel enclosure above it using some spare material. This gives the impresssion of it being built in and by we put the panel in spring clips to enable it to be removed to get at the electrics and ducting behind it for any maintainence or repair in the future. 

Only the use of the Ecos paint made this possible as we could make the panel, clean it up, profile it and paint it to match everything else. 

Typically with painted kitchens that are spray finished beforehand, this can't be done. 
Well done Ecos !

Just thought I'd show you this, every Eco kitchen from our range comes with it's own provenance certificate to show the materials used and their Eco credentials. 

If it's Eco ......prove it ! 

And we do !

That's all for this week, Jules

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