Saturday, 2 December 2017

It's gonna be a blue, blue Xmas ( but 'green' really )

Ey up my faithful blogworms, as I mentioned last week, our project in York was waiting for it's final worktops being machined and fitted. Well, here they are in all their glory. This is our first install on the new Eco Cosentino recycled content quartz worktops and I have to say, we've been very impressed, pics below, see what you think ??

We seem to be in this "half & half" cycle at the moment where we can show you the projects we're working on at the time but unfinished and then showing you the finished pics once the work is complete.

On that note, today's offerings also see the start of the first of our kitchens based on our new Nordic display I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, loving it so far !!

With being really busy, timings for jobs now seem to be in split weeks to keep the ball rolloing and getting everything done that we need to pre Xmas.

There I've done it ....... Finally mentioned Xmas, it is 2nd December though, so unlike all the other media that seems to be blathered in Xmas from about October onwards, we do at least wait until the right month. !!!

These are in the "Riverbed" colour and we think they work really well with the other colours in the room and are very stylish. I really look forward to fitting more of these. 

Tricky little rascal, this next one, the tiles need to remain, which always makes it difficult to install a new layout upto them. You're dependant on the tiling being level, which is not always the case, and it's tricky to find that mid point where the new kitchen is level and meets the tiles well enough for it all to work.

Probably the most complex plumbing in a single base unit, not helped by the gas meter

This clearly shows the tile line we need to work to

So far, so good !

Starting to come together, just marking off for handles here

You can see that we still need to adjust some tiling but it fits well 

Calm, normal looking sink base, with no hint of the complex pipework inside

We are loving this brand new look and have enquiries on more already, we really do believe this will be the look of 2018 in whichever of the colour varieties that go with this concept. 

It could be a very "Nordic" new year !

More to follow in our busy run upto Xmas, there, I used that word again.


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