Saturday, 30 May 2015

Going the Extra Mile

Ey up my faithful blogworms, for those of you that follow us on Facebook:, first of all ....Thank you ! and for all of you that don't follow us yet, use the link and go have a look.

I posted a picture just a couple of days ago shown below, saying that we go the extra mile for all our customers and here's how !

All our products are of a quality that we, ourselves, would be happy to have in our own kitchen and, in fact, we all do !! So to start with, we're putting our money where our mouth is !

IF YOUR ORDER IS 'SUPPLY ONLY', and very unusual in our industry, we guarantee that all the items needed to complete your kitchen that are on the parts list, will be delivered first time, in 1 drop, with nothing missing, everything the right colour and specification. Not many companies actually guarantee that ! Our guarantee is your peace of mind.

You can send us plans and quotes provided by other companies and we will do our very best to either match the price or improve your design or both ! If you've followed my earlier blogs, you will already know about our flexible and versatile approach to designing your kitchen.

For DIY or 'installed by others' not familiar with our recycled materials, we provide FREE OF CHARGE full instruction sheets for all the necessary areas. These are written in plain English based on our own experience of mastering these materials. We also give you our contact number and are always on hand to give you advice if you get stuck. Over the years many people have benefitted from our committment to not seeing you stuck for help.


IF YOUR ORDER IS INSTALLED BY US you don't pay any delivery charges as we are bringing your kitchen with us anyway !

We are happy to advise on other areas of the project while we're with you as we take a good 'Holistic' approach to all the projects we install. We have also been known to do other odd jobs around the place, FREE OF CHARGE, because we're there and because we can !! We also understand how difficult it can be to get someone to turn up for the little jobs that need doing. If our wide skills base covers what you need, we'll happily take of whatever it is you need.

Often a kitchen project can 'evolve' while we're working on it. If we see an even better way to make your kitchen more successful, we'll ask you what you think and if you like it, we'll do it. No fuss, no bother. 

If some aspect of the preparation work was missed before we get there, don't worry, we'll simply get stuck and sort it. We hate the scenario where some work is brought to a halt over some minor problem where other people would say, "Sorry, can't do that cos it not my job !" 

No, wrong answer !... we'll just do it if we can without a second thought so we keep the work moving forwards. You want your kitchen finished and working, not a load of excuses  as to why it can't be.

The more we can think about and take care of means less stress and bother for you, making the whole experience calmer, easier and generally a much nicer experience.

Holistically yours, Jules

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Eco Elite Lite !


Ey up my faithful blogworms, this week there have been major changes here at Milestone HQ. In response to questions and enquiries we have taken the massive decision .. to us anyway .. to make our Premium product - 'Eco Elite' - more affordable to more people !!

What ? --- How? I hear you ask.

The whole ethos behind Elite was to be sympathetic to the tree, how it grew, where it grew and how to get the best sustainable use from it.

Well ... basically that hasn't changed, phew ! ... I hear the gasp. 

The element of Elite that took it into the premium brand sector was the sheer work, time and skill that went into grain running and matching across, not just one or two doors, but the whole kitchen. 

However, we had an enquiry for Elite, from someone who loved the overall concept but couldn't afford the level we normally take it to. A suggestion we offered was to make a kitchen for them with all the other bits that make it special, kept in place, but not go with the grain running idea.

This, of course, makes Elite far, far less costly to produce but maintains every other aspect.

It does mean that each door is still hand made but an item in it's own right, not having to match up to it's neighbour.

This enormously cuts down the time involved in manufacture and as time is money, it costs less to produce.

We reckon it takes off around 40 to 50% of the cost depending on the size of the kitchen layout.

That's how we make a premium product retain it's integrity but lower it's cost. And as it's our own product we can adapt it to suit anyones requirements if we feel the end justifies the means.
It's that Good Old Milestone versatility cropping up once more.

So if you've spent time drooling over 'Elite' on our website, thinking "There's no way I can afford that even though it is beautiful", well now you can !!

FOOTNOTE: We've even started making the fabulous tree branch handles for you to buy to put on your own kitchen !! How cool is that ??

We're thinking of this new development as a sort "Eco Elite Lite"

Making Eco more affordable all the time. Jules.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

To Creative Thinking !

Ey up my faithful blogworms ....

Blogworm: Term of endearment, appreciation of followers, bookworms read many books so by definition blogworms read many blogs, simples !

Time I felt to re-affirm our mission statement to you all, so pictures speaking a thousand words and all that ! I thought I'd post our summary leaflet to explain.

We don't plan, design or all the normal things you'd expect from a kitchen company .... Oh no ! .... nothing so mundane. 

We CREATE KITCHENS in the truest sense because, unusual for this industry, we actually understand the dynamics of a kitchen, how to design individual cabinets to perform their functions better. We start right at the grass roots of considering how an actual cabinet is put together and WHY it is done that way.

This sets us apart from the herd. Simply making a list of catalogue units fit a given space to me is NOT kitchen design. Taking the Holistic view of the room and how you function within it, to us, is far more important. If we need a unit that you feel would really help you work better in your kitchen, we CREATE IT, this takes us back to an earlier blog entitled: Bespoke by definition, our definition ! posted Jan 2014. ( a good read ! )

Now you're thinking " OMG, this is gonna cost a fortune !" but you couldn't be more wrong !
With our Eco Select entry level range kicking off with a 500mm base unit for only £97.00 + vat. 
We're basically talking flat pack prices for a colour matched, 18mm rigid built cabinet with door and as you will see in my earlier blog ( listed above ), to make your units fit spot on, we can tailor sizes for just a tenner !

We are a family based, creative thinking, intelligent kitchen company with a vested interest in making sure your new kitchen fits well and does exactly what you need it to do. We do not just stuff your room full of more units than you need just because they're the only ones in the catalogue that will fit !!

And just as important, we feel, we can 'create and install' or simply 'create and supply' to any part of our glorious nation, wherever you are !

Let's raise a glass to creative thinking, we'll even supply the wine !!