Saturday, 23 April 2016

Lets drink to a greener future !!

Ey up my faithful blogworms, "2 go Eco in Salisbury" update.

Our wonderful Eco Organic project in Salisbury is up and running, fully functional, tiled up and being used and enjoyed just like it should be 

Eco Organic is probably the single biggest leap forward that we have made to our Eco stable since we started creating recycled content kitchens.

We struggled for a long time to find genuinely eco friendly materials to create a painted kitchen. The painted kitchen was the gap in our range that was frustratingly eluding us.

As with everything we make, our ability to produce standard and custom sized units was important to us and, it has been proved, equally important to all our potential clients.

We had the cabinets already within our Eco2 range, we had the Yoghurt pot and Coffee cup worktops and we could source the board material in the form of Medite Ecologique to give us recycled content and formaldehyde free board stock. ( Googling " Medite Eco" will provide all the info you need on this product. )

The biggest issue was a suitable paint ! Enter stage left: Ecos paints, made from organic ingredients, this provided the answer to our prayers and .... Hey Presto .... Eco Organic was born.

Painted kitchens have been, and still are, very prolific in the market and now we have the full set of ingredients, Eco kitchens can be made properly and efficiently in this market area. For those of you uncertain about painted kitchens, we give you all the remaining paint that was used for your units so that if anything gets knocked or scratched, all you need do is get out a small paint roller and re-apply. The Ecos paint finishes beautifully either sprayed as we would apply it or applied with a roller if you were repainting. It's a fantastically easy to use paint.

We are the only ones in the UK taking this seriously and producing this style of kitchen in a truly eco and sustainable manner. With our ability to produce any style, any size, any colour and deliver & install anywhere within the the UK, there's never been a better time to start looking at the greener alternative ..... the Milestone alternative ..... to fulfill your requirements.

Lets drink to a greener future !!  Jules