Saturday, 16 September 2017

Bathrooms can be Eco too !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, been away a bit recently, working and holidays ..... have you missed me ? ..... what do you mean.. No. Just joking !

Anyway, to business. Many things have been happening here at Milestone HQ, we are extremely busy at the moment with new Eco project enquiries coming in from all over the UK. All our years of doing our bit to push the Eco movement forward have finally taken over and Eco work now makes up more than half of our business. This can only be good for our environment long term and shows that people are now taking it seriously and paying attention.

I have some pics to show you this week of a bathroom project where a large part of it is Eco product based, a bit of a first for us and a shame that at the same time as it will be the last bathroom that we do as a company. We will be looking for more bathroom installers to use our Eco products on a supply only basis to keep this area moving forwards. So, if you know of any forward thinking bathroom people needing this service, do let us know.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pipework, old pipework was well installed but unfortunately none of it was where we wanted it !

How unfortunate can you get where 5 pipe joints are right where we want to put the shower waste ?

As you will know, I'm paranoid about water control, these isolators for the shower will eventually be behing a fake skirting board on the wall side, everything in this room will have isolation valves for total control of each item individually.

Our Eco2 units are the basis here with painted solid Ash for the doors etc, all FSC certified sustainable, the flyshelf lights are 5 watt led with a great light output.

OK, this bit is Corian, probably the most environmentally nasty material you can get but we can't control customer choice !!!

Tiling going in to border a huge mirror

Yep, we're even building niches in to put have your bottles to hand, technically a pain to do but a nice feature

And at both ends of the bath too !

Industrial quality shower door sliders should last for donkeys years 

To get energy effeciency up, we're using the new generation all Aluminium radiators, more output from smaller rads are more cost effective to run.

It's not quite finished and with all the joinery and plumbing work, it has been quite intense, the large tile size hasn't helped in terms of tiling round niche areas etc but it's finally coming together.

Don't forget !! Bathrooms can be Eco too ( well, most of it ! ) and if you are thinking about doing yours and want Eco units, get your bathroom installers to contact us and we'll put something together. Just to remind you, we won't be doing bathrooms ourselves but are happy to supply to others.

Stay green ! Jules.