Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reclaimed Madness

Ey up, my faithful blogworms, this weeks blog is all about rubbish, stuff that other folk throw away when they pull buildings down.

Everyone is familiar with salvaging these days, salvage yards are the some of cool and trendiest places to shop for stuff for your home, so this week we're doing the same but with a twist.

Not afraid to tackle anything Eco, Recycled, Reclaimed, Whatever !! we're now having a crack at a first for Milestone ........ and all without the aid of a safety net ..... there is no PLAN 'B' !

 A first because we're building a complete kitchen, on site, in a clients home using our already established Eco cabinets with Eco worktops and a bloody great pile of salvaged timber from an Engine shed floor and roof beams from a Victorian factory, rip cut into planks!

A first because we're going to make all the unit doors ledged & braced, ( like an old farmhouse door but smaller ) which as far as I'm aware has never been done before !

A first because our client has asked for all the doors & drawer fronts to be "handleless"...Hmm, tricky !

A first because we will be making every individual unit door, drawer front & panel, by hand,  in the kitchen while we're building it.

There, I've done it now, I've told the whole world that we are positively bonkers in even attempting this BUT we are totally confident that we can pull it off successfully.

Our client is a fantastic lady who's just the right side of bonkers herself, a very creative thinker and completely into reclaiming and recycling. Right up our street, in fact.
She wants all the old cuts, notches, bolt holes, tenons etc leaving in, where possible, to make the kitchen look like exactly what it's made from ...... Very Old Timber
It's not everyones cup of tea, I know,  but we are going to have a fantastic time working with our client to make this happen and thoroughly enjoy ourselves building it.

As this progresses, we will be keeping a photographic record so when we're finished, we will be able to share it with you all, so stay tuned for the next gripping instalments.

As it says on my personal twitter account: @pandorasdad71, .... Logger, Blogger & Worker of wood ..This is probably my ultimate test


Friday, 14 June 2013

Roadstone plaque news

 Big news for Roadstone Plaque fans
We are featuring the first of our 'Giveaways'  at the Volkwagen show: 

Camper Jam at Weston Park in Shropshire on the 5th to 7th July
Get some tickets and get yourself down there, it's stacking up to be a great show.

 We have created a Crossword that you can enter to win one of these little beauties based on all things V Dub and we're going to be 


a fabulous recycled roadstone plaque in the standard size of 300mm high x 375mm wide as the prize for the winning entry.

The Roadstone Plaque at the top of the page of the blue & white Splitscreen is now in the very proud possession of one: David Eccles, Editor of Camper & Commercial magazine

His reaction to receiving his fab plaque was:

"O, WOW !, not expecting it to be as big or look so impressive. THANK YOU, I think when people see a real example, they will really be blown away. !"

Keep watching for further opportunities to win YET ANOTHER plaque at the next event, should be for August if things go according to plan.

Anyone reading this from my home town in Ilkley in Yorkshire, there's going to be a chance for you to get your hands on one of these ' for nowt', watch for the Gazette issue on Thursday 27th June.

Trust me these are going to be BIG, they're going to be popping up all over the place from here on in !!

Anyway, I'm blogging on a Friday as I'm off on my jollies tomorrow and I'll thank you all in advance for wishing me a happy holiday . Thank you, see you in a week or two !!


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Recycled fabulousness for everyone !!

Ey up my faithful blogworms, this weeks blog may seem a bit random but bear with me, there is an eco connection.... honest !

As a spin off from our brand new Recycled Kitchen Splashbacks ( see website banner ) we are now really excited about a new development .... available exclusively to everybody.

Drum roll ! .........Recycled Roadstone Car Plaques

1971 Bay window Campervan 'Pandora'

It works like this:  the concept is to immortalise your ride of choice, whether a Campervan, Classic car, or any interesting vehicle you have, on a plaque made from the very roadstone you drive it on !!

How extremely cool is that ??

We think it's an absolutely fabulous and original idea and it seems people are agreeing with us as orders are being placed already. 
For car themed businesses, contact us for details on how to get your first standard sized one .... COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE !!

This made me think ? ..... my blogworms need a chance at this !!

1960's Splitscreen

The plaques brilliantly fit our Eco ethos by being made from a recycled mixture of roadstone waste, welsh slate waste and sand, then finished with a glaze normally used for lining underground ceramic pipes. Giving them an overall 87% recycled content. They materials are cold cast and pressed using a very minimal energy requirement to form them.

They are exclusive to Milestone and available in 2 sizes: Standard at 300mm high x 375mm wide and Supersize at 600mm high x 750mm wide

The Standard size is at a very affordable £69.99 inc.vat & delivery to mainland UK

 The Supersize is stunning if you've got the space for one and are excellent value at £240.00 inc.vat.  As these are crated for delivery if you apply the code: MDL071 to your order we can give you free of charge delivery.

If you run a classic car show, showroom, magazine, corporate car events, off road days, track days etc. how fantastic would a plaque this size look, seriously impressing your clients sat on your reception desk, office wall or wherever ??

Now here's an offer ..... if you need it, we'd even make you an easel to sit it on !!! for a small fee, naturally.

Overseas orders should also be possible but we'd need to look into delivery implications, let us know if you're interested !..... Lets go Global, why not ?

There is probably no reason why we couldn't produce these fab plaques with pics of your family, pets, your home, in fact; pretty much anything you would like made into a very special and original commemorative plaque !!

Contact us through our website for details on how to get your hands on one of these and if you're local to us, call in and see the real thing, we'll even make you a coffee !!. Tell us you saw it on the blog.

Lets go blogworms, get ordering !


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Underwater Basket Weaving

Ey up my faithful blogworms,

This week I just thought I'd tell you a little bit more about myself to give you an idea of what we're all about.

Married for 20 years this year, there is myself, my fabulous wife, 5 dogs, 4 kids (all left home and married ), 4 grandkids,1 Campervan, 1 Landrover and a big shed at the bottom of the garden which is my 'inventing stuff' place and sanctuary. A lot of the developments that find their way in to our product range with the kitchen company actually start life as the germ of an idea hatched in my shed !

The ability to "play" with ideas and designs has fuelled much of the direction the kitchen business has taken, it's provided to confidence to say ....Yes .... to pretty much any request for any furniture, no matter how weird or wondeful and know that we can and will build it, even if we have no idea how when we take it on.

And believe me .... over the years that's happened quite a bit .... but the important thing is that we do know with absolute certainty that it WILL be built and we WILL find a way.

As well as creating and building kitchens for close on 25 years now, my other interests include;

Playing out in our campervan, of which there have been a few sideways references to in previous blogs and on our website and ....Yes it does have a recycled interior in it made from reclaimed oak floorboards with our recycled coffee cup worktops. It would be rude not to & it was built in my shed !! Pic shown is a particularly wet New Years Eve last year and we decided to go wading .... scary.

Seeking inspiration for and building other reclaimed timber projects, such as the Camp box and table shown left, obviously to use in the campervan, which we do actually sell to anyone who needs one in their life. Contact me for more details !! We think they're fab !!

Also using reclaimed factory beam rip cut timber to build 'period' projects for our customers. This one shown is part of a suite of bathroom furniture we made to go in a victorian farm house and was inspired by the old washstands popular at the time.

We have been asked to tackle a variety of weird and unusual things over the years and recently we were asked to come up with Eco Retro as a concept. To revisit the 60's with brand new Eco status kitchen furniture and this was the result, Totally Eco and cool or what !!

I hope you found this snapshot into my crazy world interesting, if only brief, but it sums up what we do and why.
If you have any wierd and wonderful ideas of your own, do contact us and lets create them together !!

By the way, God knows where I got the title from, it was just the first random thing that came into my head. Even I think my head's a scary place sometimes.