Saturday, 31 August 2013

Reclaimed Madness: The Full Story

Ey up, my faithful blogworms, as promised here's the full story of another milestone for Milestone: the fantastic adventure that was our Reclaimed Madness kitchen

Pop over to Pinterest to see all the glorious details

One small snag: It's the first time I've used Pinterest and I've loaded the pictures in the wrong order, so you'll have to start at the bottom of the board and work up to watch the progress, Sorry, I'll know next time !

 ......    but here's a taster to set the mood

Our starting point
Even the floors had to go 

We took a load of this

Added a few  of our lovely Eco cabinets

And turned it all into something like this

That looks absolutely gorgeous and so Eco friendly, it's perfect !
Out there in the bloggoshpere, you all seem reluctant to pass any comments or even contact us at all, this time be a devil, we would really, really like to hear what you think !!

In fact, we would really enjoy the chance to repeat this great Eco Adventure in a house near you sometime soon.

Jules: Logger, Blogger, Wino & Worker of Wood

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Roadstone Plaques .. Everyones a winner really !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, here are the results of the Roadstone jury !!, oh dear !, that's sounds a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest, still never mind, welcome to all our readers from all over Europe and the U.S.
These are the lucky recipients of our wonderful free roadstone plaques in response to our appeal for photo's to use in our marketing.

If you're new to seeing these plaques for the first time, have a look back at my earlier blogs for more details.
These guys took possesion of their brand new roadstone plaques at Burley Classic Car Show last Sunday and the response was fantastic !!

The concept of the plaques being made from the very roadstone and tarmac that you drive them on is quite unique and appropriate (and very desirable) but I should point out that this product is way more versatile than just making car plaques, it can be used a various ways around your home with absolutely stunning, original results.

The very same mix can be used to make;

Kitchen feature splashbacks in sizes to suit all cooker / hob configurations in stock images or your own photo of whatever subject you feel would inspire your cooking to new levels.

Sink splashbacks in stock images or you can have your favourite landscape scene featured on it. You could imagine yourself looking out over a stunning mountain landscape or glorious exotic beach while actually stood in front of your sink. That's got to make washing up a more pleasant task ??

Waterproof bathroom wall panels are another use, whether for lining your bathroom walls, framing your bath or even featuring in your shower cubicle itself. Just imagine you're standing in the middle of a fabulous waterfall with water cascading over you, it would almost feel like an fantastic open air shower.

If you wanted a stunning, focal centrepoint for your garden featuring exotic plants that there's no way you could grow, have them displayed on an outdoor plaque in your garden with other planting nestling up to it, a gardeners dream !

There are many, many unique and inspiring ways in which these plaques can be used and in many different sizes to suit all sorts of different applications.

If you can see the potential for bringing something rather special into your life and have an idea, give us a ring, email, send us a sketch idea and we'd be extremely glad to have a look at it for you.

Car Plaques, while something quite special, are only the tip of the iceberg !!

Until next time . Jules.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Great Reclaimed Adventure

Ey up my faithful blogworms, the project that was "reclaimed madness" turned into  "A Great Reclaimed Adventure"

We knew we were just the right side of bonkers to take on building a kitchen using reclaimed timber completely from scratch in a clients home but, do you know,

It was absolutely brilliant !!, Here are some quick pics of some parts of the kitchen to whet your appetite.

We are going to get the full story in picture form from the pics taken by our client on her I pad and post them somewhere for you to have a look at, starting from a random pile of timber offloaded from our van to the results you see here.

I kid you not, the whole thing was built using the entire (portable) contents of my workshop transported to site and all the individual pieces of timber selected and cut to make each door and panel by our client herself !!

She had a ball !

The kitchen was made from the Victorian factory beam timber and the salvaged Engine shed floor became the new kitchen floor, with the whole lot being treated to three good coats of tree resin based oils to really bring the wood to life.

And for you following my blogs, there wasn't a trace of wax anywhere near the oils we used !!

I have one admission to make ...... the only part of the tick list from my earlier blog that we didn't achieve was to make the kitchen "handleless". However, we ticked all the other boxes, so I don't think we did too badly.

In conclusion for this blog, I must say that for pure gorgeousness and creative satisfaction, this project is up there with the best of 'em.

To be fair, we all had a ball !!

Keep watching for the full story as soon as I can get it sorted.

Jules: Logger, Blogger and worker of Wood

Saturday, 3 August 2013

If this was a curry, it would be a Vindaloo !

Ey up, blogworms,  we're experiencing some technical probs with our website that I don't even begin to understand, so at the moment, I hoping you still manage to find this weeks blog.  

'Cos you don't want miss this one !

Introducing a Scorching Summer Deal on EcoKitchens 

"EcoKitchens" is a new range priced at an equivalent to a massive 30% less than current prices on our existing entry level EcoSelect kitchens !

Stone Grey & Oak kitchen  
    A Kitchen Starter Kit 
    only £499 inc.vat.
    Free delivery to the local 

    Delivery absolutely 
    anywhere in the UK can 
    be arranged

    Free upgrade to soft close 

Coco Bolo woodgrain kitchen
        10 Stylish Contemporary finishes

         Comprehensive unit list to build 
         your starter pack into your dream 

         Delivered to install yourself or we 
         can give you a cost for us to install

         A great variety of Eco laminate 
         worktops to complement your units

All the units are top spec with quality German Blum hinges and soft close drawer boxes, 18mm flat pack carcases, adjustable legs and continuous plinths. 

To help you further, we can also supply at competitive prices: sinks, taps, appliances & tiles to make it truly a "one stop shop" and cut out all the stress of buying loads of individual parts from loads of other companies and then spending the next few weeks wondering if it will all turn up on time, complete and the right colour.

You have our "cast iron" guarantee is that everything you order will arrive complete, intact and in one load ready to rock 'n' roll !

Don't delay, contact us today for more details on this fantastic offer, there's never been a better time to plan your new Eco kitchen. These prices cannot last forever !!