Saturday, 27 February 2016

Milestone ... Excellent value for money !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, This will be my last blog for a week or two as we're off to sunny Salisbury to install a large Eco kitchen and utility room.

There's so much stuff to take down we'll have to make two trips with our van and we'll be there through the weekends to get the job done, will post loads of pictures on our return of what promises to be a fabulous project.

Just worth illustrating this week, I thought, is our approach and commitment to customer projects and the extra added value you get when Milestone is your chosen supplier and installer.

 When we at Milestone submit estimates for a job, we take a holistic view of everything that needs to be done and allow a given amount of time to carry out the work.

Nothing new there !, I hear you say. But we do it differently ..... We don't quote such much time for each element and stick to it rigidly and anything that falls outside that is automatically an extra. 
We look at the job and if it needs 7 days, we estimate 7 days. Any other little jobs that we get asked to do during the course of our work won't be charged as extras if they fit within the allotted time !

We do, of course, charge for any materials we need but time wise, if it can be done, it will.

Should we go over out allotted time then that's when extra time will be charged but only if we go over !. This means that many of our customers get much more value for money using Milestone than any other company. Just like us, your cash is hard earned and we are happy to give extra value for it if we can.

The pictures above relate to a kitchen refurbishment job we've just completed. The lady of the house asked if we could put some shelving up for jars and bottles but being the Milestone that a lot of you are now used to, we went one step further !! 

Using some timber provided by the customer that was left from a previous job, we created a complete .... and stylish ... shelf unit.

 Designed to fit within the furniture already present and stained to match it, the shelf unit ticks all the boxes she wanted to tick. We enjoyed making it, she appreciated our efforts and it was made within the time allowed as we'd saved some time on another element that went better than we'd anticipated.

It's long been accepted within the trade that there are a couple of phrases that strike fear in the heart of tradesmen ..... " While you're here, can you just ....." and "If you've got time, can you ..... "

Here at Milestone, we embrace these phrases and enjoy just doing a few little extra jobs if we can. We appreciate that sometimes it can be very difficult to get someone to come out to do these little jobs and if we can sort them out, we feel it would be rude not to ... !

As a result, many of our customers become firm friends, recommend us to their friends and having learnt our skills base will then always consult us before doing anything in their homes and that's where trust is built up which is good for everyone !!

Feeling appreciated, Jules.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

We are family !

Ey up, my faithful blogworms, 

Dzień dobry , witamy wszystkich naszych polskich czytelników !

For some reason last weeks post got a huge response and received 87% of it's readers from Poland !, hence the Polish greeting above to thank you all for your support. Would someone like to get in touch with me to try and explain this unusual phenomenon ?
Contact me on: or follow us on facebook: MilestoneEcoKitchens

This can't be coincidence and I would love to know what's happening in Poland that has given rise to such an overwhelming response.

As I said last week, more and more companies are looking to be more Eco friendly in their approach to fitting out stores, offices, universities, libraries and even smaller high street shops. We've worked in all these areas and would welcome the opportunity to increase this Eco awareness in towns and cities everywhere.
The Eco movement is gathering speed globally now and can't be ignored. We've really only just scratched the surface but we must continue on this path for the good of our planet, it's environment and people.
If there is such strength of Eco feeling within Poland and it's people and we could help to move that forward by supplying our Eco stable to another nation and begin to feel that, we ourselves, are contributing to the bigger picture of global awareness.

How many more peoples of other nations have not yet thought to look to the UK to source Eco products ??

We haven't exported before but to be fair when we started to think about producing Eco status kitchens we'd no idea how to do that either ! All you need is the will to do it and the belief that it can be done, so how hard can it be ?

We are continually being told that we are a European family, at the very least, so let's keep it in the family and grow environmental awareness for our products throughout Europe !

Feeling patriotic. Jules

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Go commercial ... Go Milestone !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, It's time to talk commercial .... No, not those annoying things that break up your programmes when watching telly .... but commercial Eco kitchen projects.

There are many more big high street shops now that are spending the green pound on their store refurbishments and generally taking the Eco movement more seriously than ever before. This can only be a good thing. 
One such Eco minded store are H & M. Their attitude to the environment, in my mind, makes them a store worth supporting anyway we can. We have been supplying their in-store staff kitchens for some years now and have enjoyed a great relationship with a flagship company.

During our initial discussions with them, we came up with a layout that has become a standard reproduceable concept for all their stores nationwide. Being able to supply the whole thing as a "1 stop shop" has made things much simpler for everybody all round. We guarantee where humanly possible that every kitchen is delivered complete, in 1 drop, straight to site ready to fit. 

We've supplied hundreds of kitchens now and never let them down once, a fact we're particularly proud of. 

We use our own transport to ensure that every single kitchen arrives intact with no damage, every item is checked onto our van and checked off at the other end. 

We are only a small part, sometimes, of a large project but at least we can take out any stress from from our side as that they know we will be on time every time !

In this day and age we consider that to be a valuable achievement !

A lot of our kitchens for them go into hard water areas so to mimimise limescale damage to kettles, dishwashers etc. we supply as standard, a filter system which is fitted to the incoming cold main in each kitchen. Something often overlooked by other projects in similar water areas ! Also providing the staff with "draught" bottled water purely for drinking.

It appears that other high street retailers are on the increase in their attitude to Eco and Sustainable issues. We also supply Lush Stores, London Transport and many local council projects around the country.

Latest case in point is Aldi. They are setting up new Eco, Organic, Sustainable produce stores which can only be good for people and the environment. We applaud their attitude and, whilst regular Aldi shoppers ourselves, will be looking out for the new Eco Aldi store which is now going ahead in our local area. 

We are, obviously, pleased to see this increase in a good environmental attitude.
We are still basically a family business with a belief in environmental issues and welcome the opportunity to work with other major high street stores who want to do something about the own environmental status.
Our track record with H & M now speaks for itself in terms of our companys ability to regularly and reliably supply large contracts. 

So, if you want to go green then ..... Milestone are the 'GO TO' company to help you !!

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