Saturday, 22 November 2014

The carnival is over !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, this week is an appeal for your help. 

We created the only kitchen in Yorkshire in the appropriate colours to celebrate 'Le Tour Yorkshire' when the carnival that is the Tour de France came through our beautiful county.

This unique piece of kit, unfortunately, now has to be cleared for a new display coming in for 2015. Therefore it has to go !!

If you know someone who would like to own this unique set of kitchen units, say: a cycling club, a bike shop, someone who is a cycling enthusiast or even someone who could use it in their home or even garage / shed for some extra storage, we need to clear the space for a new display by Monday 1st December.

So it only has a few days left in our showroom, we need offers for it to go to a good home or, I'm afraid, it's going to end up in a skip which would be a hell of a shame.

Please have a look at this yourself and tell any of your friends who you think might be interested and let's see if we can give this kitchen a new lease of life.

I'm counting on ya ! Jules

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Refurbing 84 year old kitchens ..Eh ?

Ey up my faithful blogworms, this week is all about bespoke stuff and kitchen refurbishment.

Choose well, ask more questions and reap the benefits in the future.

I've said for many years now that when choosing new kitchens ask more about the cabinets than anything else as these are the hardest working part of the kitchen, next to the worktops.

If you buy well based on a good structure, ie: good well made cabinets, and get your layout spot-on then you will get much more life out of the kitchen you choose.

The kitchen shown here is one we originally supplied and fitted 12 years ago ( that's 84 in dog years ! ) in a totally different colour scheme ... Yes, I know, I should have taken before and after pictures rather than just showing 'after' pictures, I forgot .. OK ?

There are elements of it that were bespoke sizes to make it fit perfectly but after 12 years the style was looking a bit dated.

A refurb becomes the perfect answer because all the structure is still good and will last probably another 12 years .... and this is a rented apartment !! that usually takes more stick than a kitchen in a private house.

During this refurb we replaced: the worktops, the tiles, the doors, the handles and upgraded the lighting to the new COBB low energy lights I've mentioned before.

The doors are from a new range we've taken in that, in line with our policy on choices, allows us to spec bespoke sizes without paying silly premiums for the privilege and gives us a range of doors that even using bespoke sizes start from around £20 a door ... Yep, a miserly £20 ! 

Who says bespoke has to be expensive ?, we certainly don't ! as our regular followers will already know.

A good well chosen layout and structure is essential not only for your own benefit while owning the house but makes a positive selling point when selling your house and moving on.

This refurb was carried out at a fraction of the cost of the original kitchen, even based on prices from 12 years ago. 

Now I hope you can see the advantage in everything I've said and that it makes economic sense as also you don't have to spend on the usual stuff associated with a new kitchen like: wiring, flooring, decorating and plastering which alone saves you a significant amount on the cost.

Become a believer, make more informed choices, buy cleverer and cut down on waste by recycling the structure of your existing kitchen to ultimately save you a boatload of money. 

It's not rocket science, or is it ?