Saturday, 13 December 2014

Recycled Xmas Trees ?

Ey up my faithful blogworms, more new things are happening at Milestone Towers this week.

Taking a sideways look at the kitchen market has always been our thing, so the germ of a new idea for a kitchen door was born.

How many times have you made your decision on your door style when looking at your new kitchen project and then taking absolutely ages to choose a handle that, even then, you're maybe not totally happy with ?

How many time have you looked at 'handleless' doors but didn't really want the flat slab appearance they usually have ?

That's where a bit of sideways thinking comes in !!

We've taken the most popular door style ie: a shaker door and combined it with the integrated handle idea and created ......

A Handleless Shaker Door ! ...simples !

 As far as we're aware it's never been done before so that's exactly the reason to have a go and make one.

From the idea to the creation, we all thought " It might look weird but let's have a go"

And, do you know, we think it looks brilliant and from folk we've shown it too so far, they think it looks brilliant too !

What do you think ?

It will fit perfectly into our Eco stable with several options for it's manufacture:

1) Made from Medite Ecologique, finished with Organic paints in any colour from the range.

2) Made from Sustainable Tulipwood and either finished with Organic paints or clear lacquered to keep the timber appearance.

3) We could also make it from our Eco Elite timber selections, natural finished in Oak, Walnut and Ash.

Not forgetting our ability to make any door, any size, there isn't a kitchen on the planet that couldn't benefit from such a revolutionary approach to door manufacture.

Another milestone from Milestone !!

Following the theme for this month and fast approaching the festive season, I bet we could even make it from recycled Christmas trees !! 

But what the hell would we do with several tons of pines needles afterwards ??

You heard it here first. Jules.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Just had to go for a PEA !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, This week it's something really, really special. Milestone, after slogging away for 8 years now on our environmental path ... have finally been recognised by winning a prestigious green award. 

The 2014 PEA Awards ( People Environment & Achievement ) have honoured us with a win in the Retail Category for our comprehensive stable of eco & sustainable kitchens, worktops & tiles making up our Milestone Eco Range of kitchens

We are so thrilled to have even been nominated, let alone win, in a Retail category who last years winner was the Co-op Organisation.

This is massive boost to our confidence and driving forward what we do within our industry.

The green market is a very difficult market to work in where we still feel that nowhere near enough people pay enough attention to environmental issues. We firmly believe in what we do as being the way forward for industry, nations and the planet as a whole. 

To receive awards for our work and the work of all the other winners, really makes us feel as if we are doing the right thing and we're not alone in that way of thinking. We just need to keep driving the message forward by doing what we do and keep developing new green ideas.

It's also, I feel, thanks in part to you, my faithful blogworms, reading the blogs that I post and taking an interest in the work we do that spurs us on to keep moving forwards knowing people do really care about green issues.

So, A BIG THANK YOU, to you all this week, keep reading and we'll keep doing, although I would appreciate all you lot out there sending me messages and voicing your opinions from time to time, to let me know where you would like to see us going next !!

A rather smug, Jules