Saturday, 13 September 2014

OMG ! BRG ! ....Brilliant Recycled Bargains

Ey up my faithful blogworms. Exciting news this week for all you eco warriors out there !

 Do you all remember our K.O.R.C Kitchen, which was the first one ever created entirely from recycled materials ? 

The doors are made from recycled Yoghurt pot and the worktops from recycled vending machine coffee cups.

Well ..... Great news, these products have been in short supply recently as our supplier has gone bust .................................. 

AND we've bought up all the remaining stock ...... 33 boards in all, some yoghurt pot, some coffee cup, in various thicknesses and are offering these at a substantial discount to clear.

 Priced at around 35% off, we don't think they'll hang around for long, we can supply boards uncut, 'off the shelf' or we offer a cut and polish service if you prefer.

 One of the thicknessess we have in stock is 12mm which is absolutely ideal for campervan surfaces and table tops, saving weight, totally waterproof, not affected therefore by damp conditions and can be re-polished as often as you like. The perfect material for "all weather" camping conditions.

More mainstream, these products are absolutely fantastic for kitchen worktops, desk tops, table tops, shelving and splashbacks ( although not behind hobs ) offering an infinitely re-polishable surface that will last for years and be able to be recycled again after use.

Even though our supplier has gone bust, the actual manufacturer is still very much in business and we are entering into discussions to buy direct and save you money long term over the prices we were able to offer previously.

So great news short term at our "never to be repeated discounts" to clear stock but lower prices long term mean good news all round !!

Do contact as soon as possible for details of particular boards as, once again, there's a limited stock at these prices and when they're gone, they're gone.

Either message us through the blog, 


or contact us through twitter: @ecokitchens

I just love being able to offer a genuine bargain. Jules