Saturday, 20 May 2017

3 for the price of 1

Ey up my faithful blogworms, been on my jollies which is why we've not had a chance for a chat for a bit but there's been a few developments while I've been away and without further ado, I'll bring you all up to date.

Firstly I'm going to share with you a stunning picture I took while on holiday that reinforces my belief that nature is way, way cleverer than mankind will ever be and, in my opinion, we should stop trying to destroy our environment and give it all the help we can.

This sycamore tree was voted our tree of the year last year. It's called Sycamore Gap and it's nestled in a fold in the hills literally just in front of Hadrians Wall in Northumberland. It's a random tree all on it's own that's stood there for hundreds of years. A thing of beauty, it typifies natures ability to defy man, the elements and everything thrown at it. A deserved winner of the accolade. If we can protect this now, we should be taking the same approach to nature everywhere. !!

Secondly, our Eco2 display seen our our website has now been sold and is ready to ship out
We've gone from this

To this
As a result, the way has been paved to create our brand new concept "Eco Coastal" display which will feature units never before seen in a kitchen showroom. The materials sourced will now be even more Environmentally Friendly than ever seen before for this type of kitchen furniture. Be sure to "stay tooned" for further developments, everything is now on order and it might take is 2 or 3 weeks to put it all together but I guarantee it will be worth the wait !!

& Thirdly, and with more focus on protecting our environment, we are launching a scheme here that has already appeared in small pockets around the country. 

We are in a tourist area and, as with a lot of tourist areas, you get sick of seeing abandoned plastic bottle litter which, as well as being unsightly, can also be damaging to wildlife around our shores.

We are posting a sign in our showroom window that offers free refills for the water bottles we see being frequently carried by, not only locals but tourists as well, to try and encourage re-use of those bottles instead of dumping them or just dropping them where you stand because they're empty.

We hope by doing this there is more of a chance that, when full again, these bottles will find their way back to home to be disposed of responsibly and recycled.

We offer cold filtered water and good old fashioned proper Yorkshire tap water completely free of charge, all you have to do is stick your head round the door and ask for a refill, what could be simpler than that ??

Dying of thirst, bottle empty, water supply nowhere to be seen, now you know where to come !!

Tell all your friends and we'll see if we can gather some interest on this, it's not often you get owt for nowt, as we say in Yorkshire.

So, there ya go ! 3 for the price of 1, all environmentally linked. I don't know how I do it for the money !