Saturday, 22 August 2015

T-I-M ...B-E-R Revisited

Ey up my faithful blogworms, on the 25th April my blog was all about the bringing back from the dead of a kitchen with badly fitted and maintained timber tops, refurbish the units and doors and re-tile the whole thing.

Well, not often I revisit an old blog but we've been back the the same customer again to finish the concept off with a new floor. I thought it would be nice to be able to show you all what the whole thing now looks like, so here it is, complete.

Those of you who've read the other blog will instantly recognise the kitchen and I must admit, the family are now really looking after it well.

It's a big space of nearly 30 sq.m. incorporating the dining room. 

It was laid with a nasty laminate floor that had seen better days and they wanted to tie the room space together with a floor that was hardwearing & durable with no real maintainence required. 

The timber look was important so we chose a vinyl plank floor tile from TLC Massimo called simply 'English Oak'

Odd choice, you may think, as the worktops are Beech but using the vinyl plank idea you can get colour variances that you can't get with the natural timbers.
The one we chose has a warm of colour which just looked right with the worktops.

The other point to revisiting this particular old blog is that it also illustrates very well a concept that I always try and get across to folk designing a new kitchen project and that is :

Rule 1: Always try and blend your horizontal surfaces with each other and the vertical surfaces with each other to create workable bands of contrast.

Rule 2: Always stick to no more than 3 colours, one of which can be your metals and the room will always be elegant and stylish without becoming visually messy.

I use the work blend deliberately because they don't have to match ( unless you want them to ) but they need to complement each other in tone and colour concept.

Follow these two simple rules and whatever your colours of choice are, the concept always works.

I don't know ..... all these "Top Tips", I don't know how I do it for the money ????

Jules or J2 ( One of my faithful blogworms, in particular, knows what J2 means )