Saturday, 11 November 2017

"Green" with envy !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, Eco can be a funny thing, it's sometimes an issue that no-one thinks about but then are really chuffed when the story unfolds !

I'll explain ...... We've just completed a kitchen project for a lovely lady who lives locally who made her choices based on her likes / dislikes in the normal time honoured fashion without even considering anything Eco.

When her work was completed and we said this has been a very Eco driven project, she asked why, when we explained she was absolutely thrilled to have a brand new totally Eco kitchen. 

She then admitted that she was so proud to have been an ethical purchaser that she was going to make the point to all her friends !!

Almost like the Eco content was secondary to her choices but features primarily in how she will describe her shiny new kitchen to her friends. 

Circumstances like this can often be the most basic entry into the world of thinking environmentally but can change a persons thinking to be more Eco friendly in the future !!

The kitchen chosen is from our Eco2 range in Cashmere Grey matching cupboards and doors. The lighting is a spot bar with low energy 5w Cobb bulbs. The fridge / freezer in the tall housing is from Gorenje, a manufacturer with probably the highest eco credentials in Europe at this time.

Using tiles from the Johnson range that have a recycled content, as far as we know the only UK tiles to have this.

The worktops are from the same manufacturer as the cabinets and doors featuring the same recycled / FSC mix timber content

And the sink is from the Blanco range having high recycled content stainless steel and the dishwasher is again from Gorenje.

This, then, is almost Eco by stealth with all the elements: cabinets, doors, appliances, worktops, sink, tiles and lighting making the project as Eco as it gets and without a single environmental factor driving the choices made .

It's a funny old world and we're converting it to Eco, 1 step at a time 

You could say her friends will be "green" with envy !! Strange how sometimes the blog title comes to you right at the end

As green as ever, Jules

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