Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Ey my faithful blogworms,

I'm going to shout this week about an absolutley fabulous new product, the like of which I've waited 25 years to find !!

DEKTON  .... Probably the most remarkable worktop material ever yet invented by man !!

Why, I'll tell you why !

Back to normal now, all this shouting's making my thoat sore.

Buy granite tops and you can put a hot pan on them but they will stain in time, buy Quartz tops and they won't stain but you can't put a hot pan on them.. 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could get the advantages of both types with none of the drawbacks ??

Well now you can !! ...... Dekton is the answer !!

 Dekton ... Resists everything in it's path

# Extremely resistant to scratching .. cut on it and it will ruin your knife !

# Virtually zero porosity .. pretty impossible to stain it .. with anything !

# Very highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, certainly nothing you've got in your kitchen will affect it !

 # Relentless in it's resistance to heat, and .. Yes .. that is a blowlamp !! so a hot pan isn't going to be a problem !

# Totally UV stable, impervious to wind, rain, ice, sleet and snow, you can even clad buildings in it !

# It's strong enough and hard enough to use as flooring .. Indoors or Outdoors, it makes no difference !

# It's fireproof, colour stable and superb dimensional stability !

Big key question .. Is it prohibitively expensive ? 

Answer .. No, definitely not !

Coming in at around price group 2 for quartz materials, it's very affordable for such a superb, multi application, worktop material.

Just imagine having a set of worktops that are going to pretty much laugh off anything you can throw at them !

You can do all the things you shouldn't do with 'ordinary' worktops and not have a care in the world. 

Totally stress free worktops that will last a lifetime no matter how much abuse you throw at them ..

Bliss !  Come on .. you've got to agree ... worktops don't get any better than this AND they're guaranteed for 10 years to start with !!

Worktops in a kitchen, bathroom and outdoors, Indoor and outdoor floors, Indoor walls, Bathroom walls, Exterior walls and even STAIRS.

This really is the material I've waited all my time in the kitchens business to find.

It ticks every single box I would want to tick 

Interested, and let's face it, why wouldn't you be ??

Talk to me Blogworms, let's start the Revolution together !!


Baku Airport, Azerbaijan .. Outside approach and all the way through inside the airport, surely the ultimate test for any material in all weathers and temperatures, kinda makes home worktops a piece of cake really !