Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hard water but not Hard luck !

 Ey up my faithful blogworms, I have some questions to ask you all today:
Scalemaster inline limescale inhibitors

Do you live in a hard water area ...... ?

Are you spending  a lot of money replacing kettles ..... ?

Do you spend way too much on unnecessary Calgon tablets ...... ?

Are you sick of getting tradesmen out to
repair your Boiler / Dishwasher / Washing
 machine due to limescale damage ..... ?

Are you daft enough to have bought a Brita filter jug when you can have filtered water on draught ..... ?

Do you spend a load of hard earned cash on bottled water ..... ?

Then I've got to ask ...... WHY ? ..... Are you totally bonkers ? There are other, better answers !!

15mm inline isolating lever valve
Water filter kit

The stuff shown in the pics provide you with all the solutions to your problems ...... !

Hard Water ... Not a problem ! Using the the Scalemaster inline inhibitors fitted either local to each of your appliances or on your incoming cold water main, after your stopcock, will break down and change the chemical make up of the limescale and render it harmless to the workings of your machines. That's going save you stress and money and save you using environment damaging chemicals to tackle the symptoms instead of the problem.
OK, you will need someone to fit them first but if the pipework is set up properly, you can change the cartridges as and when necessary yourself, they last for ages and are cheap enough to replace.  Fit the 15mm isolating valves before and after the unit so you can stop the water going through it and change it your self ..... it's easy, trust me !

Bottled water on draught  Once you've fitted the limescale inhibitor to sort that bit out, back it up by fitting a water filter kit to give you water every bit as pure as the stuff you're wasting money on by buying it in bottles. Top your bottles up when ever you want to as you now have your bottled water on draught ... Simples !. The water filter kit I've shown takes about 15 minutes to fit if you're a bit DIY minded and it's easy and it will pay for itself many times over with all the money you're going to save. Fill a bottle with your freshly poured bottled water and give it to your friends to try ..... I bet they can't tell the difference either.

In fact, even if you live in a soft water area like we do, you can still fit a water filter and benefit from not spending shed loads of money on bottled water.

There are many other products out there but I've used these, they work and they're NOT expensive.

I am absolutely staggered that the products I've shown you above are still some of the UK's best kept secrets, so stop wasting money and chucking chemicals at everything. Do yourselves and the environment a favour and look seriously at the stuff I've brought to your attention.

For the cynical amongst you, NO ...  I don't have any connections to Scalemaster and .. NO ... I'm not working on comission ... I just believe in their products any would recommend them to anybody. So I thought I would share this with you and hopefully convert of few of you.

Don't think about it ..... Do it ..... it really is a no-brainer !

Always trying to help ! ... Jules.