Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mindblowing combinations

'Morning my faithful blogworms, this week I though it was time to update you all with what we are currently up to in the world of Eco kitchens.

I'm looking to get our website updated soon but have a review of our current kitchens available and this will be the website content when I get it sorted. Here's a sneak preview of all the good stuff going up on there.

This now gives us a total of 8, yes 8 !, Eco and Sustainably produced kitchens !

We are pretty damned sure this is the largest range of Eco kitchens available from a single company anywhere in the UK today. 

If you are seriously considering going green with your next kitchen project then we really need to talk ! These documents can be emailed directly to you to study a bit more closely at your leisure and, just as before everything within our range is interchangeable with everything else. Providing a mindblowing range of combinations at your fingertips and can be supplied and / or fitted anywhere in our wonderful nation. 

Get emailing, address on our website or contact me through our facebook page MilestoneEcoKitchens. 

See you soon !