Saturday, 19 March 2016

Going Organic in Salisbury

Ey up my faithful blogworms, back at Milestone HQ now, fresh from our extremely successful trip down to sunny Salisbury installing one of our Eco Organic kitchens 

Great week and a half down there, working with one the best builder / electrician combos we've ever met .... Thanks again Mal & Jim  and working for one of the nicest couples you could wish to meet, it was a pleasure to meet and work for you both Catherine & Julian ( aka C1 & J1 )

Said I'd give you all some pics of the project and here they are:

Eco Organic is one of the latest additions to our Eco stable. 

Based on our Eco2 cabinet of 60% recycled and 40% FSC timber content, the doors, panels and trims are made from Medite Ecologique and painted with an Organic paint in a true matt eggshell finish. 

Medite Ecologique is the true eco friendly form of MDF made from recycled wood flour and zero formaldehyde content.

The Organic paint is supplied by Ecos Paints and made from all organic materials and compounds. 

The worktops here are 100% recycled coffee cups with yoghurt pot flecking. Both keeping plastic materials well away from landfill and giving them back a useful re-purpose.
Through many conversations with the builder, our ability to custom size the cabinets and doors came in really handy to make the kitchen fit the space perfectly.

Small but subtle tweaks to size here and there give the benefit of everything looking right and balanced without it being screamingly obvious that unit sizes have been altered.

We used the Blanco corner module sink to great effect creating a space where washing up can get messy without really affecting any other area. Making upstands from the coffee cup material seals it in nicely and gives continuity from one area of worktop, around the corner onto the other and we think, makes quite a spectacular corner feature.

Using two colours for kitchen units always makes an interesting feature when done well but this kitchen breaks the rules as the room walls are the same colour as the wall unit doors.
This is something normally advised against in the world of colour choices but here we were all agreed it actually looks great and works very well indeed.

 See..... these so-called designers for houses don't know it all and sometimes breaking the rules proves exactly the right thing to do !!

The two colours used for the kitchen units are Pebbles and French Grey. The combination makes for a very calm environment in a kitchen and compliment each other really well, the Blanco sink is Rok Grey and the handles are in a natural iron finish, all subtle colours helping the overall feel of the room.

The under cabinet lighting is provided by 5w Cobb led lamps and the leds in the ceiling all help to provide a great work light level with a power consumption ....... in total ..... of less the an old 60w light bulb !!

Now try telling me that low energy lighting is rubbish !  If you still think this, it's way past time you looked at it again !

 Other little tweaks and features include the pull out table that folds away into the space of one drawer front. The table pulls out 800mm from within a 600mm deep worktop ? .... You should see the size of the hole in the wall we had to make to get it to fold all the way back in !!

                Joking !

Taking the holistic approach the the project, as we do, the Utility room got the same Eco treatment with Coffee cup being the worksurface again and sat on our Eco2 units with doors and cabs matching in Mussel colour.

All in all, the the whole thing ... including making the worktops from scratch from board material took 8 days not including travelling down to site to begin with and the return journey back home.

So if you're in the Salisbury area and want to see a fabulous example of a Milestone Eco Organic kitchen I'm sure ..... for a small entrance fee ! ... Julian and Catherine would be happy to give you a guided tour of their wonderful new kitchen.

Cheers C1 & J1, it was our pleasure !!

Jules (J2) and Kev.