Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dear Auntie Milestone

Ey up my faithful blogworms, there .. that's better.. words in the right order after last weeks blog.

Sitting here doing my blogs, week after week, feels a bit disconnected from real life !!

I get lonely ... Aaah, Bless ! ... there is a comments box on here but I never get any ! 

I'm here to help with any questions you may have...... Yes, really ! .... I appreciate that the world of the internet is a massive one and I can't hope to get to a lot of you to help out but I can answer any queries you may have ... free of charge .. over the ether, then why not ?.

Why would I want to do this? .... To save a lot of you making the mistakes I talked about in last weeks blog, that's why. AND because I'm a nice guy !

NOT, as the more cynical of you may think, so I can grab your details and bombard you with spurious advertising and other general annoying detritous that you get so often over the internet !

I feel that if by answering any questions you have about the crazy mixed up world of fitted kitchens, I can save any of you from making stupid mistakes, then I will have made a little bit of the world a better place.

I can appreciate that some of you may think there's a catch here somewhere ... WELL, THERE ISN'T !

I'm not even close to the biggest authority on kitchens in the world but I've been doing this for 27 years now and believe  me, I've seen pretty much all there is to see and feel qualified to pass on any valuable tips and tricks that I can. 

Like a lot of skills that are dying out, if you're knowledge isn't shared and passed on, it's wasted !

All I can promise is that if you feel it's important to ask me something, then it's important for me to give you the best answer I can. It's then up to you to decide whether my advice is valid or not.

Try me, you just might learn something !!

If you need me to come out to you to solve a problem, I will, if you want a second opinion on a layout and perhaps a re-work that makes more sense, I can do that too but these will cost, I can't work for nowt, I'm a Yorkshireman !

But if you want advice that I can give over the internet .... It will cost you nothing, zilch, not a penny, sweet F.A.

Go - on , Ask Auntie Milestone, we're here to help