Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ravenscraig Revisited

Good morning my faithful blogworms, I promised you an update on BRE Ravenscraig up in bonny Scotland, well.... here it is !

Welcome to our new followers in the Ukraine, Italy  and Venezuela, it's good to have you on board. This blog is a follow up to our eco adventures in Scotland. For the beginning of the story, see blog dated Saturday 20th April., titled Bonny Green Scotland and you'll soon pick up the plot.

Pics are of the building practically finished and looking glorious and the interior now as fully functioning. For those of you, like us, who think it's rather fab, modern and sleek, the kitchen is our Eco2 in Titanium finish with recycled Coffee Cup worktops, see website for more details.

Just a quick catch up blog this one really as it's bank noliday weekend here and if my wife knew I was at work doing this ... there'd be trouble !!

My apologies for the positioning of the pics, seemingly randomly spread about, I've got no idea on how the hell to make them stay where I put them while writing this, they seem to have a mind of their own !!

I'll try and get to grips with it when I've got a bit more time, promise !!

Happy Bank Holiday, see you next week. Jules.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eco goes Organic 2

 Ey up, my loyal Blogworms, 

Now we're even more excited, testing of Eco Organic door samples has gone particularly well and we have 2 fab new doors !!

Our continuing quest to be able to provide more Eco choices has been given a massive boost by bringing Eco Organic on stream. 

We are always striving to be able to satisfy more and more requests from you, our brilliant eco supporters, and Eco Organic gives us full scope to now to offer you something for every scenario.

It has been a nightmare for probably 4 or 5 years now to bring this together as people we talked to just looked at us as if we were mad !!. which is actually fair comment ..... you have to be slightly mad in business today to want to go against all the trends, stick your neck out and make something new with no guarantee it will work. 

However ..... if you believe in it .... slightly mad or not .... when it works, it's deeply satisfying. 

There is no other kitchen company in the UK at this time that can provide as many different choices of Eco kitchens as we can .... Fact !!

Following on from my earlier blog about sick building syndrome, it may look a bit suspicious that all of a sudden we've got an Eco kitchen that will help in cleansing your home.
In Creating Eco Organic we were focusing on being able to make an eco status painted kitchen as that was one gap in our range that needed filling. The timing is pure fluke.

But don't knock it ..... the bits all came together just at the right time, and every body needs a bit of luck sometimes ... right ?

I've found that over the years to come up with a new idea is great, for folk to agree with you & buy it is better still, to fulfill a need with your products gives you a buzz and in reality, now we can actually do all these three and make a difference to someones health then it's absolutely brilliant !!

There are so many allergy sufferers out there today and so many people who don't realise that a lot of their maladies are probably caused by their home surroundings that to be able to bring a least one answer to some of their problems, really is a fantastic feeling.

It's hard to describe how I feel right now except immensely pleased that we've succeeded and even if we only make a significant difference in a few cases  ..... then the whole thing was so worthwhile.

Don't forget ...... we are not limited to domestic kitchens, we can make bookcases, bedroom furniture, storage cupboards of all shapes and sizes to go into any environmentally sensitive locations such as nursing homes, museums, childrens nurseries, schools, health clinics, laboratories, hospitals and art galleries and probably loads more I can't think of right now.

The future's healthier ... the future's Eco Organic !!



Saturday, 11 May 2013

Long live the revolution, organically speaking.

Now my Eco Blogworms,

You're just about to go organic aswell, but before we start, I would like to make an effort to say hello to our international friends and to say thank you for following my ramblings every week. So to our American friends and other English speakers ... Howdy ! / Hello !  ( sorry about Howdy but I couldn't think of what else to use ! )

And to others from around our fabulous planet,... Hello from the list below, it's fantastic to have followers from abroad.

German: Guten Morgen!         French: Bonjour!       Russian: доброе утро     
Indonesian: Selamat pagi!      Brazil: Bom dia!        Malay: Pagi yang baik!  
Swedish: God morgon!          Greek: kαλημέρα!

OK, I admit, I cheated and used Google translator, so if any of these are wrong, I'm blaming Google. But you've made the effort so I thought the least I could do was to return the compliment. 

Anyway, to business. The world of Eco is a very frustrating place and sometimes results you believe in are not easy to find. I've learned it takes patience, a certain amount of luck & a lot of sheer determination.

We've been chasing, for 4 or 5 years now, a way of making Eco friendly painted kitchens that ticks all the boxes we need and .... finally .... this last week, we've nailed it ! and we're really excited about it !!

Using a combination of probably the most environmentally friendly ( zero formaldehyde ) Mdf board we can find. One that is "designed for environmentally sensitve areas such as Museums, Art Galleries, Hospitals, Schools and Nursing Homes" and as such will be perfect for your home environment ( see my earlier blog about Sick Building Syndrome )

Coupled with: 

Water based Organic paints that are "the worlds first complete range of decorative paints, all odourless and completely free of solvents and toxic chemicals, being derived from Organic sources. Paints proven to be of benefit to sufferers of asthma, M.E., chronic fatigue & post viral fatigue syndrome."

Suddenly life is sweet & we can create a whole new range of kitchens, any shape, any style, any size and in 120 different colours and seen to have positive health benefits, the world is at our feet !

A new range is born .. Eco Organic .. and you heard it here first.

The benefits to everyone that a kitchen made this way can bring are potentially massive.

I believe that making kitchens this way will be the most significant step forward in environmentally friendly kitchen design since we started doing this back in 2005.

We've been running trials on sample doors this week and so far the results are brilliant, our sprayer says that these are some of the best water based paints he's ever tried and the way the  paint sets in between coats, he reckons they will give a great durability long term.

By adjusting the viscosity of the paint with water to just the right level for spraying we have achieved a double success. One, is that we get a perfect finish with good coverage and Two, is that we can supply a tin of exactly the same paint with every job so that you can touch up panels to cope with lifes little knocks and bruises.

So, come on !! be fair, it's not every day you can get, not only a brilliantly versatile Eco kitchen .... but one that's good for your health aswell !!

Let's get the world talking about Eco Organic and start a revolution in eco furniture design, it doesn't have to be just kitchens, we'll make anything !!

I'll be blogging about this again next week when the samples are finished and hopefully have some pics to show you, so look forward to the second gripping instalment !


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Over to you, this week !!

Morning my Blogworm followers, now it's your turn.

Over the last few weeks I've chosen a variety of subjects to spout forth words of wisdom about covering all sorts of stuff, so I thought I'd hand over to my increasing number of faithful followers to see if there's anything specifically that you would like covered in future gripping episodes of the continuing saga of going green.

So far with tech stuff, top tips, advice on greening up your life & stories of our adventures etc there's a lot of info been blogged and it might be time to take stock, digest all that lot and let you come back to me if there's owt you might like more info about.

Along with all that info, I should perhaps add at this stage that we don't just make and fit eco kitchens into homes but we can & have done: offices, coffee shops ( coffee cup table tops ... naturally ), schools, college & university furniture, even narrow boats ( which makes using a spirit level a complete waste of time !! ) and through twitter ( @ecokitchens if you've not seen it yet ... and why not ? ) we're now looking into fitting out eco log cabins.

As you see, nowhere's safe. We can fit into any project that requires built in eco furniture. We've always said "If you want it, can imagine it & give us a quick sketch, then we can build it." and, significantly, we've never been stumped ... yet .

So as the topic this week is: .... Over to you, ..... then ......

Over to you !. Let us know if there are eco projects you are thinking about that you need help with, or even just the benefit of our experience on any issues that are puzzling you. We're here to help.