Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Going Green, Corny, I know but it's a start !

Ey up, this is my first blog ... ever.. I've no idea what I'm doing but stick with it and it'll get better, I promise.

It's an eco blog so just for the sheer hell of it, I thought I'd type in green !

The story of Milestone Eco Designs first eco design.

Our first faltering steps into eco design began in 2006 where my wife and myself were sat at home treating ourselves to the odd gin & tonic or two (ish) and at some point during the evening one of us said " go on then ... we've been recycling for ages and I've never seen a thing in the shops that's made from the stuff we recycle.... what CAN we buy thats recycled ?"

We struggled ...... the best thing we could come up with was recycled toilet rolls from the supermarket.

Poor effort really, don't know whether it was our impaired mental state or what, (must have been the lemons that were spiked) but we decided the following day to try and source stuff in the U.K. to build kitchens and built in furniture from.

There began probably the hardest year I've ever had in business so far and we, as a nation, still do not seem to embrace the use of recycled materials in this country as much as we should.

Cutting out all the positve thinking cliches and stereotypical determination bit that kept me going while I felt like I was wading through mud trying to navigate the eco apathy in our wonderful country.

A year later, we had a smart new totally recycled content kitchen display sat in our showroom .... we believe it to be the first time it had ever been successfully attempted and carried out in a retail kitchen showroom ever !! AND I'm very proud to say that everything in it was "Made in Britain".

We can do it when we try but God it's hard work !

We got loads of newspaper and magazine coverage and we were off and running.
The K.O.R.C kitchen on our website was, and still is, that very kitchen.

Anyway, that tells you how we got going, stay tuned for the next gripping instalment of 1 bonkers kitchen owners idea on how to turn the world green !