Saturday, 5 August 2017

Let's get well oiled together !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, we are really pleased to announce some new arrivals this week. An idea I've been chasing for a while now is a the ability to produce an Fsc sourced, eco friendly oiled, natural finish, timber kitchen unit door.

Sounds easy, you say. In the past we've used low VOC content acrylic lacquers and these are commonly used these days but to truly get an Eco friendly natural finish then oiling is the way forward.

As usual with a lot of products these days, once you step outside what is classed as normal, you've got a fight on your hands to do something new. Something we've been used to over the last tens years or so we've been majoring on Eco products.

So, as usual, if you want owt doing, do it yourself !

We have !

 We can produce natural sanded finish timber doors in: 

Pippy oak ( first pic )

Walnut ( second pic )




English Ash

Character Oak

In a traditional style (first pic)
and Shaker style (second pic)
in any of the listed timbers. Once manufactured and sanded, we then hand finish them with Osmo Polyx oil. To save you money on your project we can supply your doors sanded with the oil for your to finish yourself or we can finish them for you

Normally, as I'm sure some of you will spot, we avoid like the plague using Hard wax oils for finishing as they severely clog up your sander when trying to refinish horizontal working surfaces like floors and worktops.

However, the Osmo oils are eco friendly being made from natural products and your doors are vertical and unlikely to be used for walking on or cooking on like floors or worktops. 

This makes a hardwax oil a good choice for doors for cleanability and durability. Also using a widely available oil product, you will be able to clean and refinish your doors keeping them in tip top condition for years to come. 

As our faithful followers will know by now, we don't claim anything, eco wise, if we can't back it up. So here is the FSC Source certification for the timber supplied for this new range of kitchen doors.

As we are constantly searching for new eco based product to offer, a development like this ticks yet one more box bolstering our claim to offer the largest range of Eco friendly kitchen furniture in the land !!

No idle claim, I can assure you !

Let's get well oiled together !


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