Saturday, 1 July 2017

Think I'm in love ?

Ey up my faithful blogworms, after months of planning, it's finally coming together, Eco2 goes Coastal !!

Using our brand new cabinet colour in Grey Linen, a modern colour with a retro twist, we've also taken a fresh look at how your kitchen units can be used. Exploring different ways in which space can be used, these new cabinet arrangements are a direct result of listening to what our customers have said they want. 

The unit doors are in the brand new Denim colour which is currently going a storm through Europe at the moment. We're usually 12 months behind them here in the UK, so we're actually ahead of the game ..... that makes a change !

As is becoming normal for me ..... me ! normal ! that's a laugh but anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. This is an early appetite wetter showing progress so far, needless to say, full pictures will be up on a future blog when we get it all finished.

It's probably the most environmentally friendly display we've ever put together, full details of which will follow in the future blog  .... Eco Friendly and Gorgeous .... it doesn't get much better than this !

Taking a different look at how wall unit space is used has driven the new layout within our units shown here, easy reach everyday space with not so often used space above. Bring back the concept of the much missed "Midway" units that sit on your worktop with commonly used items within easy reach. These can be open or with doors, your choice but we've shown one of each.

Bringing the idea of smaller more convenient drawers individually with a bigger drawer pack has been a much requested idea, so we did it. Probably better seen in the pic above, you keep the big pan drawers under which have grown in popularity steadily over the last few years anyway. Makes for a more versatile drawer pack with more than a passing nod to the old Apothecary chest of years gone by.

This has become our good old stand by, split shelf corner base which has been so well received since we brought it in, we just had to include again in the new display.

That old chestnut !!! The kitchen bin unit, takes up too much space you said, not enough bin space you said, need more segregation for recycling you said, well here's our version !
A double decker .... a 300 wide unit, taller than normal putting your bins at an easy working height, 3 in the top and 2 slightly bigger in the bottom, loads of bin space in a small footprint, easy to use ..... what's not to like ?

This little baby is the latest feature for this display. Speaks for itself in appearance and colour wise it couldn't work better with everything else on the display. Technically it's way more efficient than a lot of other fridges, clever areas for differing needs for differing foods you put in it should promote a longer life for your food and cut down on shameful food wastage !! Something we're very keen on !

Not only that but ..... come on ..... it's got to be the "coolest" fridge on the market, inside and out !!!!

Think I'm in love !!

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