Saturday, 3 June 2017

Blowing away conventional thinking !

Ey up my faithful blog worms ...... Probably the most creative and technically demanding kitchen we've ever designed, started this week !!

It has a whole list of unique and original features within it's design, a lot of them led by our customers themselves in direct response to what they do and don't like about normal kitchens. 
This shows the hob and storage side to the kitchen. All the units are reduced depth to make reaching stuff in the cupboards very easy without having to delve right into the back to find what you want. Huge amount of storage with easy access

This shows the central island structure going in with all the walkways around the units carefully planned to maxmimise movement around the room and create sensible routes to each area

The hobs, yes two ! , go in the central section, a basically 4 ring set up but created using two "Domino hobs" placed end to end. No reaching over to the back rings, mimimising the risk of burning your arm. 

Avery sleek look, sophisticated appearance when the doors go on. We've used our own creation Handleless Shaker door to give character but clean appearance without handles sticking out.

Everything in this kitchen has been very carefully designed to change conventional thinking about how kitchen units are used. Often the planning dimensions have been worked out to the millimetre to ensure everything works as it should.

More pictures to follow as the job progresses, everybody involved in this is now getting a real buzz seeing all that hard work start to pay off.
This is just an ' appetite wetter' to show what can be achieved when you throw conventional thinking out of the window and start to focus on what really matters to make a kitchen work well !! 

I, for one, am now getting so excited about seeing it finished !!
More next week, stay tooned !

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