Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bespoke by definition, our definition !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, Happy New Year to you all, I know it's the 11th but it's my first blog back in  2014. 

Today I want to give you a bigger picture of how we do .. what we do and I'm starting with the word 'Bespoke' as applied to kitchens

BESPOKE: it's a big word with even bigger definitions. When we speak of bespoke as a concept, 2 words come to mind: Expensive & Specialised.

Probably led by bespoke tailoring, bespoke jewelry, bespoke furniture, all things that are traditionally pretty expensive.

 Now 'Specialised' is definitely what we're about, you all know that our particular speciality is Eco Kitchens and our market is certainly nationwide UK but 'Bespoke' is our most important strength.

Bespoke is really the heart of how we do what we do !

Because we're not like all the other companies, we start with actually designing your cabinets from scratch, not just sticking them in a catalogue and saying " If it's not in there, we don't do it !" which means that every kitchen bought out of a catalogue like that is a compromise in some way.

We take the closest thing this industry has to a " standard list" of cabinet sizes at standard prices and change it to suit individual kitchens

How, you ask ? Simples, we say !  As an example of things we get asked:

"My plates won't fit in my wall units, they're not deep enough!"  Simple, take a standard wall unit and make it deeper, to change 1 unit dimension costs a tenner, £10

"I'd really like to have 2 ovens, 1 above the other in a tall housing" Simple, to change the gap for them to fit in, £10

"My ceilings are low and standard height units won't go in" Simple, shorten the wall units, a tenner each to alter.

"Can I have my  built in dishwasher up off the floor because I struggle to bend down to it" Yep, no problem, we'll modify a housing to do it, a tenner, £10

You get the picture !! If most of your kitchen is based on standard size cabinets, we only alter the ones that need altering, it's simple to do and each dimension change we need to make generally only costs a tenner, £10.

This is "bespoking" any kitchen to suit the needs of any person, doing it sensibly, doing it affordably and making the whole kitchen a bit special and importantly ..... it fits properly with no compromise !!

Having started by making the cabinetry fit perfectly and designed to take on board your particular way of working, it's then a simple excercise to put doors on it as we make all the doors to go with our kitchens anyway..... isn't life wonderful when it works properly ??

One kitchen we're working on at the moment doesn't have a standard unit in it !! because of space constraints and the appliance requirements, every single cabinet has been redesigned to fit, make best use of the space and it's all be done on a budget. 

Yes ... we can supply entire kitchens, custom made to a budget.
Yes ... we can supply custom cabinets on their own if you want to make your own doors
Yes ... we can supply doors on their own to odd sizes if that's what you need 
Yes ... we can fit it all for you or supply it for you to fit
Yes ... we can make custom worktop sizes, depending on material

 We take that attitude that, no matter how odd or unusual, if you can imagine it and give us a sketch, we can make absolutely anything you need to equip your kitchen and, importantly, we can do it for sensible cost, after all .... it's what we're extremely good at !

If that's not bespoke then I don't know what is !

All the best for the new year, Jules.

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