Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coffee Cup Campers

Ey up my faithful blogworms .... this week it's all unashamedly about campervans !  ... could be any campervans but specifically we're talking about the only true ones .. VW Type 2's.

The winter season is all about getting your bus ready for the coming year, essential repairs, style changes, finishing off restos', new interiors etc. etc.  It's the interiors I want to look at this week.

Would your ideal material for your surfaces be: 
a)  totally waterproof, 
b)  bacteria free, 
c)  easy to wipe, 
d)  easy to cut, 
e)  lighter in weight, 
f)  able to be polished to look like granite
g) 100% recycled & eco-friendly
h)  AND look drop dead gorgeous !

If the answer is YES  to all of the above, then Recycled Coffee Cup material is just what you're looking for !! and don't forget, all you guys out there with catering buses, it's perfect for Hygeine Regulations for food use as it was used for 'food' to start with.

As you will have noticed from an earlier blog, I have a stock of these very boards which I can afford generous discounts on at the moment. 

The board size is 2.1m x 1.1m x 12mm thick, which is exactly what the surfaces in the photo's are made from.

With this marvellous material, you'll never need to buy worktops, table tops or shelves for your bus ever again (unless you want to) as the material is endlessly re-polishable, never affected by damp and will last, probably as long as your bus will .. if looked after !

With every purchase of Coffee Cup, you will receive a full set of cutting & polishing instructions but I know some talented guys out there in the Dub world who have already achieved some fabulous results with the polishing of the material where you really can't tell it from granite ( and let's face it, you wouldn't use real granite in your bus, think of the suspension ! )

I can send out free samples 100mm square for you to check out the material and 'paid for' samples at 200mm square at £5 or 300mm square at £10 if you want to have a go at cutting & polishing it before you decide to buy ... and once you've seen the results .. trust me you will !

Just contact me through email: using the reference: Coffee Cup Campers or use any of the contact details on our website.

100% Recycled Coffee Cup .... What EVERY well dressed V-Dub bus is going to be wearing this coming season, so don't be left out ... contact me as soon as possible as I only have a finite amount of stock at these prices.

Once you've sorted your project, come over and let me know at shows this coming year. Look out for our bus Pandora, it's her interior I featured !! .... all the best, as always, Jules

Saturday, 18 October 2014

And the winner is .... Tarmac

Ey up my faithful blogworms, Recycled Roadstone plaques this week.

We know from previous blogs that these have captured your imagination with our classic vehicle plaques and wedding picture plaques alongside their original purpose of splashbacks for your kitchen and bathroom.

BUT ... We're looking to move in new directions with them !!

There are many award ceremonies out there and focussing on the ones that cover Eco products and businesses, we are now in a position to design award winners plaques / trophies, however you want to describe them. 

We can use your logos, emblems etc providing they can be supplied electronically in a hi- resolution to make an extremely unique, totally recycled product award.

I'm absolutely certain this would give your awards the edge by the winners receiving the very first prize made from Tarmac .. a material we all take for granted and drive on every day of our lives !!

We would be happy to look at any design whether totally made from recycled roadstone or  incorporating other recycled materials within the design, such as recycled coffee cup or yoghurt pot material.

Not just restricted to the UK market, there is no reason whatsoever that we can't cover pretty much any country worldwide! 

So, if this idea sets your creative juices flowing, contact us by email, phone, fax, snail mail, carrier pigeon or whatever method you like .. most of the previous list of contact details are on our website: ( except carrier pigeon, you'll have to use your own but don't worry we'll look after it. )

And the winner is ?


Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Best green deal just got greener !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, even better news following my OMG, BRG titled blog, we've looked at the recycled boards that we have in stock now and come up with a fantastically competitive price list for both the Coffee cup and Yoghurt pot boards.

Below is a copy of our price list for the stock with a massive 50% discount in some cases. These are quite definitely "never to be repeated" prices and I imagine they won't hang around long. If you are looking to use a recycled material for part of your project then have a serious think about these little beauties, totally waterproof, easy to clean and re-finish, easy to cut to shapes difficult with other materials, the material is totally recycled, 100% solid all the way through not some thin veneer or cladding that will split or crack.

There's never been a better time to think green as part of your next home project, Contact me for individual board quantities and don't forget ..... If you aren't confident you can work the material .... we can cut & polish for you. Delivery to anywhere mainland UK can easily be arranged.

Give us a call. Jules

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Small but perfectly formed for a tenner !

 Ey up my faithful blogworms, Sorry my blogs are a bit sporadic at the moment. As we're working away a lot installing our fabulous Eco kitchens all over the place, I'm not at Milestone H.Q. much. 
However, things calming down a bit on the nationwide front with more local work happening now so I should be with you more regularly.

This week, coming from our ability to create custom sized units at will, I thought I would focus on Small Space Kitchens.

Two examples of which are shown in the pics this week.

Working in a small space provides challenges every bit as much as planning large kitchens but everything needs to be thought about in much more detail. The two kitchens shown hardly have a standard sized unit in either but you wouldn't automatically notice as the size changes are subtle and just enough to make everything fit really well.

The top kitchen is only a little over 5ft deep (1500mm) x 6ft 6" wide (1950mm), a miniscule 32.5 sq.ft of space with only 1 door into it and surprisingly has: oven, hob, extractor, 2 cutlery drawers, dishwasher, fridge, sink and microwave, loads of shelving and some wall units. 

It's location is in a small seaside cottage, really quaint & cosy and just big enough for a couple to live in comfortably. You sort of look into it and think tiny kitchen, not great, but actually when you study it everything is there that you could possibly want to function in such a small space.

The second kitchen is in a space a touch under 8ft ( 2360mm) x 4ft (1220mm) a similar space of just under 32 sq.ft but it has 3 doorways, 1 into it, 1 to outside and 1 into the cellar. 

In here we've managed to get an oven, hob, fridge, sink with drainer and a worktop dresser unit to provide drawers for cutlery. Using reduced depth and resized units we've managed to provide more dry goods storage on the opposite wall next to the radiator. 

This kitchen's in a tidy little two up, two down terrace house where we were able to locate a washing machine in the cellar using a Sanivite unit to pump the waste water back upstairs and outside into the drains, keeping the noisy machine out of the kitchen and putting in the stuff you need to function.

Again, hardly a standard unit in the room but the size changes are so subtle it you don't immediately notice them. The corner sink base unit was a particular challenge with a new an inventive way of joining the worktops together without compromising the joint.

Both are great examples of how, with a bit more thought and clever design can make a good workable kitchen in a space where you took one look at it and thought  ..... "You want what ?" " in there ?" "You must be joking !"

Milestone at our best .. thinking more and creating wisely the optimum units for the optimum space and use. Bespoke done the way it should be !

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, a dimension change only costs a measly tenner,  £10 !! and makes hundreds of pounds worth of difference to the design, fit and workability of your finished kitchen, created by those wonderfully inventive people at Milestone.

George Clark .... We can make spaces amazing aswell !!

See you next time. Jules