Saturday, 30 August 2014

A little bit of Victoria, reclaimed !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, Holidays still been getting in the way of my blogging but finished now and it's back to concentrating on bringing you lots of new stuff to ponder.

We seemed to have tapped into a seam of interest amongst you all with the retro concept in the kitchens, shown left, so I thought I'd bring you retro in a different style from a bathroom we made a while ago

This time it's Victorian style, fitting in perfectly with a period house built around that time.

Our brief was to create something to give the right period feel to a new bathroom that was being installed.

We used the same reclaimed Pitch Pine that we built our Reclaimed Madness Kitchen with ( see earlier blog and follow our website link to my pinterest page for more details )

Picking up on the old fashioned "ledge & brace" door idea which we'd never tried until the Reclaimed kitchen came along, we've used it here in these bathroom units to good effect. 

The idea was to try and make the units look 'free standing' and self contained, taking our styling cues from the old Victorian wash stand concept.

And of course, no Victorian wash stand would be complete without a white and grey Carrera marble top !

Many of the ones I've seen had the upstand surround built into the frame of the unit but we decided to do it a little different ( like you do ! )

The upstand was made in a Victorian fashion for the authentic look and we drilled dowels into the underside of the wood and glued them in, then drilling the marble to provide location holes to sit the upstand into.  

Bit of timber left over, made into a tealight candle holder to complete the image and 'Bobs your Uncle ' as they say.

 We really would appreciate your comments and feedback on the various retro themes that we're now looking to work with, sometimes it does feel like I'm talking to myself although I see from the stats that our followers are increasing, let me know your thoughts !

I would like to feel a bit more connected to you, our faithful blogworms, and get to know more about the sorts of things that you like and would like to see being made.

The sceptic in me thinks that you are thinking, " I'm not making any comments because all they want is my details so they can bombard me with offers, adverts and deals that I probably don't want "

This is genuinely not the case, it's simply that we would love to know what you all think, to give us food for thought and work towards projects that people like yourselves out in the blogosphere would like to see on the market.

We promise !!


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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Peace, Love & Grandmas kitchen

Ey up, my faithful blogworms. 

Holiday season is still getting in the way and we seem to be getting busier with projects around the country which is taking me away from base quite a bit at the moment. Unfortunately this means my blogs are a bit less frequent than I'd like.

However, Ferretting around the market, there does seem to be a bit of a increase in folk looking for good retro 50's & 60's colours and inspiration. They do say " What goes around, comes around" and it's beginning to look like that's starting about now .

Last blog I was looking at the strong, single bold colours but we've been experimenting with retro lookalike furntiture for a while now and the units you see pictured are various stages of our developments. From our protoype, shown left, through to the complete unit with handles below and ultimately a complete kitchen.

 Colour choice is entirely upto you, we make to order. Sizes are no problem with them being custom built and essentially these are free standing units so would require choices of free standing appliances to create the full retro effect. 

 We can, as you can see, use built in appliances but somehow, we feel, that the full effect is better achieved without. 

We can supply any freestanding appliances you may need or simply supply the kitchen with the necessary gaps in the plan to slot your pieces in.

 If you prefer, as with all our products, we can also do the install work for you.

Recently we found these fab retro laminates from a range made by Formica which really do put the crowning glory onto any retro project. Lets face it, in the UK anyway, Formica were the guys that started it all those years ago so it's appropriate that their worktops can be used once more the thick end of 50 years later.

These examples shown here are just a few of what's available to give you a taster, there are too many to show here but we can provide samples if you require. So, Peace, Man and consider all that's fab and groovy from times gone by and I bet you're now wishing that your Grandma hadn't thrown her old kitchen out and you could have restored it.

But never fear, Milestones here, helping you to recreate those fab kitchens that you new when you were growing up, a bit like me really !

We would also be very happy to re-create kitchens like this for film sets, period drama programmes and the like because originals must now be getting extremely thin on the ground that are fit to use.

Release your inner Hippy in this years long hot summer of love and give us a call !!

Groovy Baby. Jules