Saturday, 19 July 2014

Glorious techicolour but no avocados !

Ey up, my faithful blogworms, Sorry it's been a bit quiet lately but we've been working away from base and the holiday season is upon us, you know what it's like ! 

But here we are back again and firing on all 4 cylinders ( or electric motor, if you're of the Hybrid persuasion )

We had much excitement and jollity on the day of the massive event for Yorkshire that was the Tour de France or " Le Tour Yorkshire ", if you prefer. Finally we got the chance to show off our wonderful county the the rest of the world and it seems that we made a good impression .... about time too !! We don't call it " Gods own county" for nothing, you know.

Anyway, we made, probably, the only kitchen in the whole of Yorkshire in the colours of the "Tour" in honour of the event and it's now for sale ! We need to clear it now for new displays to go in, so if you're interested in this unique souvenir of the great event please contact on the email and we'll see if we can find it a new home.

However, what this does is give me a chance to introduce the brand new range of decors for our Eco kitchens where we got these colours from.

The range includes bold colours such as: 

Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Black, Brown  and a range of naturals and neutrals in many different & subtle shades, opening up a fantastic palette to play with for creation of striking and interesting Eco kitchens.

Not to be ignored is now the possibility of using an Eco range of materials in these single colours for corporate furniture, desks, shelf units etc, etc. 

Stimulating colours for kids bedrooms as, don't forget, we do make Eco bedroom furniture aswell !

In theory ........ if you're a passionate football fan, you could probably actually have your brand new Eco kitchen, bedroom or office made in your team colours ..... how mad would that be ??

We are also noticing trends developing in the retro market for vintage clothing, furniture, paint colours etc. generally and we feel that many of these colours will fit right in. 

For those of you in the UK old enough to remember the infamous avocado green bathroom suites ....... we promise that that colour is DEFINITELY NOT included in the range !!

Retro is great but certain colours should be left buried back in their time and that's one of them !

We can gesamples ( that's enough of that ) of all colours, so if this concept floats your boat, and why wouldn't it ! , let us know and we can sort you someting out, contact as usual via the email.

Feeling colourful, Jules